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RST Drug of Abuse Multi-Test Panel – 10 Drugs Bulk Cases


SKU: RST-DOA-MTP-10-1 Category:


Cat. No. RST-DOA-MTP-10
Drugs: AMP1000/BAR300/BUP10/BZO300/COC300/EDDP100/FYL20/OPI300/OXY100/THC50
Quantity: 1 individually packaged test
How it works: Activates upon into urine

DrugDrug NameScreening Cut-Off
AMPAmphetamines1000 ng/ml
BARBarbiturates300 ng/ml
BUPBuprenorphine10 ng/ml
BZOBenzodiazepines300 ng/ml
COCCocaine300 ng/ml
FYLFentanyl20 ng/ml
OXYOxycodone100 ng/ml
OPIOpiates2000 ng/ml
THCMarijuana50 ng/ml

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Dimensions 6 × 10 cm
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